Starry Sky Galaxy 70 Stars A.9945.NR.001.017


Swarovski has been producing the finest crystal since 1895.  They have a long history of working with the worlds leading fashion and jewellery designers. Swarovski is known and trusted the world over.  Their lighting division produces unique chandeliers and light fittings suitable for entrance halls, dining rooms, bedrooms or kitchens. A range of down lights incorporating beautiful crystal elements will transform any interior space. Fibre Optic and LED starry sky’s and highly water resistant walk over LED lights are highlights of the range. Swarovski crystal is now lead free and brighter than ever before proving once again that this Austrian company lead the world in crystal innovation.

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Crystal Starry Sky Galaxy 70 Stars Lighting System A.9945.NR.001.017

A magical display of light patterns

Crystal Starry Skies combine the benefits of fibre optic lighting with sparkling, precision-cut crystal, generating a bright atmosphere with radiant accents. Crystal Starry Skies are particularly ideal where a high level of versatility and very easy maintenance are desired – in large-area applications and high-ceilinged rooms.

Ideally suited to wet areas, bathrooms or home cinemas.

Economical and Practical

Superb quality light projector.

With only one light projector, a fibre optic light cable can be provided with up to 465 fibre optic cables.

We offer full planning and advise on instalation and layouts.

Safe operation

Fibre optic cables and crystal light fixtures are non-conductive and are particularly suitable for use in damp interiors. UV radiation and heat are filtered by the fibre optic conductor, giving cold, UV-free lighting.

Fibre optic cables have a halogen-free, self-extinguishing sheath and therefore meet current fire prevention standards.

Starry Sky is shown in a matt chrome finish, also available in a nickel-plated, gold-plated and white finish, please select using the drop down bars.


Fiber optic lighting system consisting of:
30 fixtures with spherical lens (7.4mm diameter)
20 fixtures with 12mm crystal
20 fixtures with 16.5mm crystal
70 Universal mounting sleeves, transparent plastic
1 Light projector High-Lux 100w halogen (included)
1 Glass fiber harness, Size 1.5, 35 tails (70 tails each 3m), contains 3 spare tails

Galaxy 70 is shown with 70 tails (each 3m), but is also available with 30 tails (each 4m) and 40 tails (each 6m), please select using the drop down bars.

Technical Installation Requirements

Use: In all  interior areas
Ceiling thickness: Between 5 and 25mm
Ceiling Cavity: At least 50mm (without light projector)
Recommended ceiling colour: Light colours (white, pastel shades etc) for optimum effect
Installation: In wood/plasterboard ceiling (provide inspection opening)
Ambient temperature: Between -20 and +80 degrees
Recommended total area: 2-10 m2
Weight: 3m tails 8350g, 4-6m tails 9850g


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