Manooi Lighting

Manooi is inspired by the natural light around us. They design and manufacture custom-made crystal chandeliers thier goal is to re-create this harmonious, positive natural light within individual homes and public buildings.

Manooi Light Creations was founded by the artist/designer couple of János Héder and Judit Zoltai. János, as a qualified architect who understands the demands of interior professionals. His workshop is a cradle of creative activity, over half of  production is for custom designs or variations of standard products.

Manooi Brochure



Crystal is a beautiful material. It has been with us for centuries and remains one of the most widely used components for chandeliers for its unworldly quality of reflecting light. Over the years we have witnessed a continuously growing fondness in working with it.

We hope to bring this joy to you and your environment as we ultimately believe that good design should make the world around us a more beautiful and harmonious place to live.